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As of February 2012 he has hitchhiked over 50,000km.
His next trip is from Turkey to Australia/New Zealand, ideally starting but he keeps on putting it off in July 2012favor little skirmishes out of europe in whatever direction, most recently Morocco.
He makes some videos about the places he visits, access them here:
He is a musician and uses busking to make all of his money for his travels.
==Countries Hitchhiked==
[[England]], [[Scotland]], [[France]], [[Belgium]], [[Netherlands]], [[Spain]], [[Portugal]], [[Luxembourg]], [[Italy]], [[Switzerland]], [[Germany]], [[Denmark]], [[Sweden]], [[Austria]], [[Hungary]], [[Romania]], [[Slovenia]], [[Croatia]], [[Serbia]], [[Bulgaria]], [[Turkey]], [[New Zealand]], [[Georgia]], [[Iran]], [[Morocco]].
==Speedy Hitches==
Couchsurfing - dremmerswaaal
BeWelcome - dominic
blogs -

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