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[[Image:Dhoonglen.jpg|thumb|right|300px|My favourite type of hitchhiking - narrow countryside roads. The [[Isle of Man]] is perfect for this.]]
An [[England|English]] hitchhiker living in [[Manchester]]. Wishes he could Wish I can unicycle.
==The stats==
''Adventure #1:'' '''The Gent Escape''', 8km, August 2004 ''Adventure #2:'' '''Home to Home to Home''', 858km, June 2006 ''Adventure #3:'' '''"Jedzie Pan do Wrocławia?" "Tak! :)"''', 1522km, June 2006 ''Adventure #4:'' '''AWOL I started hitchhiking in Europe''', 4657km, July-September 2006. ''Adventure #5:'' '''Bummit to Belgrade''', 1815km, March-April 2007 ''Adventure #6:'' '''Final taste of freedom?''', 1170km, August-September 2007 ''Adventure #7:'' '''The TT course''', 59km, January 2008 ''Adventure #8:'' '''Israel by thumb''', 648km, January-February 2008 ''Adventure #9:'' '''The shortest hitchhike ever?''', less than 1km, April 2008 ''Adventure #10:'' '''Keeping it local''', 39km, May 2008 ''Adventure #11:'' '''Home from the Berlin Beach Camp''', 15km, May 2008 ''Adventure #12:'' '''The TT Festival''', 34km, June 2008 ''Adventure #13:'' '''To the Promised Land''', 89km, June 2008 ''Adventure #14:'' '''Around The Island In Eight Hours''', 73km, July 2008 ''Adventure #15:'' '''Home from Singapore''', 15km, July 2008 ''Adventure #16:'' '''Wet summer''', 6km, July 2008 ''Adventure #17:'' '''Maughold''', 14km, August 2008 ''Adventure #18:'' '''Home from Barcelona''', 14km2012, November 2008 ''Adventure #19I did these trips:'' '''Home from Berlin''', 14km, January 2009 ''Adventure #20:'' '''Ab in den Süden''', 692km, January 2009 ''Adventure #21:'' '''Home from Warsaw''', 14km, March 2009 ''Adventure #22:'' '''Goodbye Isle of Man''', 59km, April 2009 ''Adventure #23:'' '''England, Scotland, Isle of Man''', 211km, April 2009 ''Adventure #24:'' '''Grand Tour of Europe''', 2324km, May-June 2009 ''Adventure #25:'' '''Klöden and the Surprise''', 2587km, August-September 2009 ''Adventure #26:'' '''Darina's Challenge''', 9km, September 2009 ''Adventure #27:'' '''A Birthday Story''', 480km, February 2010 ''Adventure #28:'' '''Escape to Aberffraw''', 254km, May 2010 ''Adventure #29:'' '''Race to Mont Royal''', 17km, May 2010 ''Adventure #30:'' '''French Education''', 221km, July 2010 ''Adventure #31:'' '''Mannifest''', 52km, August 2010 ''Adventure #32:'' '''Sulby and Dhoon''', 39km, August 2010 ''Adventure #33:'' '''Distant Nearby Roads''', 604km, September-October 2010 ''Adventure #34:'' '''The Winter Guest''', 9km, December 2010 ''Adventure #35:'' '''Saving Christmas''', 4km, December 2010 ''Adventure #36:'' '''Turkey and back''', 26km, December 2010 - January 2011 ''Adventure #37:'' '''The 5 Big Brothers of Cornwall''', 1064km, February 2011 ''Adventure #38:'' '''Escape to Aberffraw pt. 2''', 73km, April 2011 ''Adventure #39:'' '''Cross-country adventure''', 77km, May 2011 ''Adventure #40:'' '''Mad Sunday''', 60km, June 2011 ''Adventure #41:'' '''National Day''', 41km, July 2011 ''Adventure #42:'' '''When Worlds Collide''', 1080km, July-August 2011 ''Adventure #43:'' '''Raad ny Foillan''', 20km, August 2011 ''Adventure #44:'' '''Edinburgh and Manchester Love''', 331km, August 2011 ''Adventure #45:'' '''Lament of a Heysham Bus Driver''', 1km, September 2011 ''Adventure #46:'' '''Snaefell and Sulby''', 10km, September 2011
''Adventure #47:'' '''Regressing in Kendal''', 88km, February 2012
''Adventure #54:'' '''Highlands and Islands''', 1502km, August 2012
<span style="color:red">'''Please check [[User:Tmoon/log|my log]] for an overview of all my adventures.'''</span>
''Distance travelled:'' '''26469km''' of which 9272km hitchhiking alone, 12360km with one other hitchhiker, 4020km hitchhiking in a group of three, 815km in a group of four, and 2km in a group of five; hitched road vehicles for 25879km (including 6km by bus, 38km by coach, 63km by taxi, and one Eurotunnel journey), trains for 590km, trams for <1km, and not hitched by sea or air... yet

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