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[[User:Vrana|Vrana]] found that if you just walk over to where the cars are being led off the ferry and out of the port area (the roundabout by the main building), you can find a lot of people hitching and cars that stop. She found a ride directly to Amsterdam there.
I found my lift on the same round about but being very lucky. Better, next to the harbour, (you can see also a petrol station but don't ask there) there is alimentary security control for trucks. All trucks trasporting fish or fruit (the bests to go straight in continental europe) must pass by it and stop inside. I arrived there during spanish holiday (semana santa) that's why was pretty hard but normally should be the best. If not straight at the ferry harbour (not the big merchandise one) where cars and trucks go down, there are some trucks that doesn't cross the sea and just wait for containers. Ask them.

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