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Deutsche Bahn

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Most regions of Germany offer some kind of transportation network, local DB trains are usually included and tickets from both of them are valid, although the pricing might be very different.
The normal fares are very expensive and usually not used by locals. The DB is actualy the 2nd most expensive railroad in Europe after the Norwegian. There is a wide range of special offers and rebate systems, but they are rather difficult to use for single spontaneous trips. Some exceptions are the "[ ''Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket" '' (Happy-Weekend-Ticket)], the [ ''Quer-durchs-Land Ticket''] and the [ regional day ticket ''Länderticket'']. The ''Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket'', usually just called ''Wochenendticket'' which is valid for a whole Saturday '''or''' Sunday for up to 5 persons in all regional trains in whole Germany. They are 37 EUR40 Euro. This means, you can actually get i.e. from [[Munich]] to [[Hamburg]] for less than 8 EUREuro, but it will take you about 12 hours. The ''Quer-durchs-Land Ticket'' does the same on weekdays but its price depends of the number of people which you have to decide forehand. You pay 42 Euro for the first person and 6 Euro more for each subsequent. On weekdays you can use the ''Länderticket'', which is about 20 Euro for one person or 30 EUR and is valid Euro for 5 persons in all regional trains from 9am till 3am 9:00 unto 3:00 the next day in a certain Federal State (sometimes several count as one).
== "train hitchhiking" ==