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<map lat='51.2175' lng='2.927' zoom='15' view='0' float='right' height='300' />
=== East towards [[Bruges|Brugge]], [[Gent]], [[Brussels]] and [[Antwerpen]] ===
The best place is the traffic lights at the crossing of the Elisabethlaan and the Gistelsesteenweg. Other untried options are the entries onto the the President Kennedyplein on the other sides, i.e. from the Ringlaan or the Verenigde Natieslaan. The President Kennedyplein can easily be reached by foot from the town center, which is just over 2 km away.
=== Personal Experiences ===
The spot towards [[Bruges|Brugge]], [[Gent]], [[Brussels]] and [[Antwerpen]] has been used by [[User:Prino|Prino]] many times. It '''seems''' to be the best. There is no decent place to stop when coming from the center via the '''Verenigde Natieslaan''' and at the entry onto the '''President Kennedyplein''' from the '''Ringlaan''' most drivers will be more preoccupied watching the traffic while trying to enter the round-about.