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== Eating on the road ==
Although Estonia is quite a small country, you might get stuck on its roads for the night since the traffic is usually low on smaller roads, and for that reason it would be smart to have some food with you - there is hardly any [[rest area|service area]] on the roads and you won't be able to buy food unless you are in some town.
You can drink water from the tap and wells almost anywhere in Estonia. Some say that even lakes contain pure enough water to drink.
* There are known several stories when hitch-hikers stole valuables from a back seat.
Basically, be careful and avoid situations when you feel that it can bring you troubles. No matter if you're a driver or a traveler – [[hitchhiker's safety|safety]] first. Better sleep on a mother Earth than get into untrustworthy vehicle.
Please also be (more or less) aware of where are you going and where you are, especially if you are a [[women hitchhiking|female hitchhiker]]. Trust your intuition when it comes to "shortcuts".
== Useful phrases ==
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