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'''Mestia''' is a city small town in the [[SvanetiGeorgia]] region , the capital of the [[GeorgiaSvaneti]]region.
Mestia is not a large town and can be walked out of easily. It has the major Svaneti road running through it. It also has a road that splits off to the north toward the border with [[Russia]] (closed now for many years) and a trekking trail to the Lekhziri glacier.
== Hitching out ==
No information for hitching to [[Ushguli]] is available at the time of writing.
== Sleeping ==
The inhabitants of Mestia have become accustomed to the tourism economy and staying in local people's homes for free is not common (the traditional Georgian hospitality of the lowlands does not exist here). Homestays are expensive, at least 15-20 lari/night. Camping is possible outside the centre of the village, but ensure you have proper cold weather gear if camping in winter.

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