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 Image:5576 1172843327929 1433420775 30476729 3682679 n31-countries-10-days.jpg |[[UserMiran Ipavec's epic 10 day journey through 31 countriesImage:PatrishnikHitchhikingSantaKlaus.jpeg|Patrishnik]] hitchhiking near Hitchhiking Santa Klaus giving chocolates away to drivers [[ZadarDenmark]] in to [[CroatiaGermany]]. 29.06.09Image:2009-05-31 hitchhiking jyvaskyla-tampere in finlandVaterstetten.jpgjpeg|[[User:MikaelPite|MikaelPite]] hitchhiking wasn't the first at Rasthof Vaterstetten Ost on A99 near [[TampereMunich]] in [[Finland]]. 31.5.2009Image:hitchhiker note.jpg|A note from a hitchhiker on the service station near [[Pforzheim]], [[Germany]]
Image:Hitchability_world_map.jpg|[[Hitchability World Map]] - and what are your experiences?
Image:CommunidadValenciana.JPG|Hilde hitchhiking from [[Barcelona]] to [[Valencia]]. The freesbee's name is Hitchy.
==Images used in past==
Image:Dtsguruguay.jpeg|Member of the German [[DTSG]] in a typical ''dress'' for [[competitive autostop]] during a trip in [[Uruguay]].
Image:Lviv-Kiev_HH_spot.JPG|Hitchhikers out of [[Lviv]], [[Ukraine]]
Image:Race2009.JPG|Hitchhiker at the [[Germany|German]]-[[Austria]]n border hitchhiking towards [[Liechtenstein]]
Image:Albania_hh_truck.jpg|Hitchiked a truck down from mountains / [[Theth]] village, [[Albania]].
Image:Hitchgathering-2013-group.jpg|[[Hitchgathering]] 2013 group photo in [[Slovakia]]
Image:Headstand.jpg|Rest area headstand
Image:886089 582413745104920 354438592 o.jpg|My personal opening of the season 2013.
Image:Hitchgathering_2012_group_photo.jpg|Group photo taken at [[Hitchgathering/2012|Hitchgathering 2012]] in [[Lithuania]].
Image:Abgefahren-mitglieder mai2012.jpg|Where are the [[abgefahren e.V.]] members based? (Mai 2012)
Image:Namibia road.jpg|[[User:Theo|Theo]] in [[Namibia]] on Christmas eve.
Image:Hitchhiking_to_Italy_in_Switzerland_06-2010.jpg|[[User:Mikael|Mikael]] hitchhiking to [[Italy]] in [[Switzerland]] as a part of [[abgefahren hitchhiking race 2011|German hitchhiking race 2011]].
Image:Eric pics 131.jpg|[[User:Eripson|Eripson]] (right) with friend Gaston hitching in [[Ecuador]].
Image:Mrtweek mangystau.jpg|[[User:MrTweek|MrTweek]] hitchhiking in the desert of [[Kazakhstan]].
Image:DSC0080222.JPG|[[User:Amines| Amines]] Hitchhiking out of [[Bayonne]] towards [[Spain]]
Image:P8230246.JPG|Thibault, to [[Jyväskylä]], [[Finland]]
Image:BALKAN203.JPG|Hitchgathering 2011 at the beach of [[Kara Dere]], [[Bulgaria]]
Image:Hitching-in-abkhazia.jpg|Philipp, Ralf and Philipp hitchhiking in [[Abkhazia]].
Image:Team21.JPG|Team 21 before the start of the [[abgefahren hitchhiking race 2011]].
Image:TimmyTofuTaiwan.jpg|[[User:Timmy_tofu|Timmy Tofu]] hitching in in [[Taiwan]].
Image:DSCF4096.JPG|Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, November 2010
Image:Infrance.jpg|Hitchwiki user Maxijazz hitchhiking in [[France]].
Image:PA061715.JPG| 6 people (French, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Finnish and Turkish([[User:Lordxar|Lordxar]])) hitchhiking in [[Turkey]].
Image:Pamir.jpg|[[User:Belzas|Belzas]] hitching the Pamir Highway, october 2010.
Image:Wabridges_sines.jpg|[[User:Lookingup|Wim]] hitching to the 6-8-10 hitchhikers gathering in [[Sines]], [[Portugal]].
Image:Gerben_Ethiopia_to_Kenya.JPG|[[User:gerbennap|Gerben]] hitchhiking on a truck in [[Ethiopia]], just south of [[Addis Abeba]], July 2010.
Image:Espana.jpg|[[User:Amylin|Amylin]] hitching from [[Portugal]] to [[Spain]] after the 6-8-10 gathering.
image:Shaiinyosemite.jpg| [[User:Dizinteria|Shai]] hitching from Camp 4 to Tammarack Flatts in Yosemite National Park, [[USA]].
Image:HH_Iceland_-_Martin_2010_-_2.jpg|Tartin hitching in north-east [[Iceland]], summer 2010.
Image:Siegerehrung.JPG|The winner team of the [[abgefahren hitchhiking race 2010]]
Image:Hitchhiking_in_Salamanca_Spain_2010-05.JPG|[[User:Mikael|Mikael]] hitchhiking from [[Salamanca]] to [[Ávila]] in [[Spain]], May 2010.
Image:20040908.JPG|Audrone and [[User:Prino|Robert]] Prins on their 3rd anniversary, returning from the [[Athens]] Olympics on their way to [[Vilnius]]
Image:Berlin-schoeneweide.jpg|Hitchhikers leaving [[Berlin]] (April 2010).
Image:Japan.JPG|[[User:Gutuater|Gutuater]] hitching to the next hot spring town on Kyushu, [[Japan]] (Jan 2010).
Image:03012010050.jpg|[[GHOSTU]] near Tver', [[Russia]], in January, heading to Saint-Petersburg
Image:Kars-erzurum kyle lc sitting.jpg|Chinese hitchhikers in [[Turkey]].
Image:Hitching out of Jerusalem.JPG|Orthodox Jews hitching out of [[Jerusalem]], [[Israel]]
Image:Hitchhike in lappland.jpg|Hitchhiker in [[Lapland]], [[Sweden]]
Image:WABridgesAustria.JPG|Hitchhiking the oldskool way in [[Austria]]... they stopped! :)
Image:WABrdigesCKrumlov.jpg|[[User:Lookingup|W.A.Bridges]] hitching in České Budějovice, [[Czech Republic]].
Image:Copy of 5804049 l 184757140eda47f21f46f15435cbcba8.jpg|Hitchhiker in [[Chişinău]], [[Moldova]]
Image:No autostop en italia.JPG|[[User:Quarim|Quarim]] hitching under a ''NO autostop'' sign in [[Italy]]
Image:2009-05-31 hitchhiking jyvaskyla-tampere in finland.jpg|[[User:Mikael|Mikael]] hitchhiking near [[Tampere]] in [[Finland]]. 31.5.2009
Image:STA60016.JPG|[[User:Mipplor|Mipplor]] hitching in [[Stockholm]]
Image:5576 1172843327929 1433420775 30476729 3682679 n.jpg |[[User:Patrishnik|Patrishnik]] hitchhiking near [[Zadar]] in [[Croatia]]. 29.06.09
Image:hitchhiker note.jpg|A note from a hitchhiker on the service station near [[Pforzheim]], [[Germany]]
Image:Hitchability_world_map.jpg|[[Hitchability World Map]] - and what are your experiences?
Image:CommunidadValenciana.JPG|Hilde hitchhiking from [[Barcelona]] to [[Valencia]]. The freesbee's name is Hitchy.
Image:IMGP0670.JPG|Patryk hitchhiking back from [[Turkey]] to [[Poland]] in his school uniform (by [ Patrishnik])
Image:hitchadamone.jpg|Ben hitching out of Amsterdam, heading back to the [[UK]].
Image:Ush.jpg|[[User:Narfette|narfette]] hitchhiking to [[Ushuaia]] out of [[Rio Gallegos]], [[Argentina]]
Image:Cheb.jpg|[[User:Narfette|narfette]]'s friend Adrian hitchhicking from [[Las Grutas]], ruta 3, [[Argentina]]
Image:Amylin-luoping-china-1.jpg|[[amylinUser:Amylin|Amylin]] hitchhiking out of [[Luoping]], [[China]]
Image:C rivadavia.jpg|[[narfette]] walking at dawn to hitch to [[Comodoro Rivadavia]], [[Argentina]]
Image:Washington.jpg|[[narfette]]'s backpack and dog, Tiago, [[Washington]], [[USA]]
Image:Eurizons_hitchhikerneverdie.jpg|Hitchhiker with [[stuff|t-shirts]] of abgefahren e.V.
Image:Hitchhikerneverdie.JPG|Somewhere in [[France]]...
Image:Crazy-helsinki.jpg|[[amylinUser:Amylin|Amylin]] with a sign for [[Helsinki]]
Image:Eurizons_hitchhikerneverdie_clown.jpg|A hitchhiker from the [[Eurizons]] tour with a [[funny things to hitchhike with|clowns nose]] and an [[Abgefahren e.V.]] t-shirt.
Image:Lnx-Hitch-M3.jpg|[[User:Lnx|Lnx]] Hitching up north on M3 junction 12 in the UK
Image:Autostoppista-senza-autostrada.jpg|If you try to exit the autostrada too early, you might find yourself on a road that stops short, in the middle of nowhere, as [[amylinUser:Amylin|Amylin]] finds here.
Image:Hitchhiking across the creek.jpg|The creeks in the [[Netherlands]] can make it hard to get to gas stations on the highway
Image:Unbenannt-1.jpg|I know, the Dutch flag is painted upside down :). probably thats why nobody took [[User:flov|me]] ;)
Image:Fabzgy_costarica.JPG|[[User:fabzgy|Fabzgy]] Hitchhiking on the pacific coast of [[Costa Rica]]
Image:Netherlands.jpg|[[User:puman|puman]] hitching from Belgium to the Netherlands, August 2007
Image:Kasper-hitch-nh.jpg|[[User:guaka|guaka]] hitching in [[New England]], taken by [[amylinUser:Amylin|Amylin]], September 2007
Image:Sheffieldbedroomwall.jpg|[[User:Tmoon|Tmoon]]'s collection of [[signs]]
Image:Hitching-luoping-china.jpg|Hitching out of [[Luoping]], [[China]]
Image:Amylin-luoping-china-2.jpg|[[amylinUser:Amylin|Amylin]] hitchhiking in [[China]]
Image:Mrtweek mzenzes hitching in france.png|[[User:Mzenzes|Martin]] and [[User:MrTweek|Philipp]] hitching in [[France]]
Image:HitchDelft.jpg|[[Mdsmendes]] hitchhiking in the [[Netherlands]]
Image:Guaka - angel hitchhiking in Wellington.JPG|[[Guaka]] hitchhiking in [[Wellington]] with angel wings.
Image:Pooh hitching in nz.JPG|frame|At [[Auckland]]'s airport
Image:Elsa amylin kiwi experience.jpg|Elsa and [[amylinUser:Amylin|Amylin]]'s [[New Zealand|Kiwi hitching experience
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