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A-40 (Quebec)

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====In [[Lanaudière]] and [[Mauricie]] Regions====
In [[Trois-Rivières]], the By-Pass highway project has was never been built. Therefore, the highway runs directly into downtown and requires that you overlap onto the [[A-55 (Quebec)|A-55]] for a few km on the western part of the city. Note that the southern junction between the A-40 and [[A-55 (Quebec)|A-55]] would be a dangerous hitching disaster (therefore do not hitch along the highway there!), the northern junction (leading to [[Montreal]] westbound) would even enable you to hitch directly on the highway viaduc itself. The distance to travel on the [[A-55 (Quebec)|A-55]] is about 4km in term of Canadian distance its short enough to usually have a driver do the detour to drop you there.
**Chance to head north towards Lac-St-Jean Region
**Chance to head south towards the south shore of the St-Lawrence through Pont Laviolette
*'''(198) {{Ramp}} [[Trois-Rivières]]''' (Boulevard des Récollets)*'''(199) {{Ramp}} [[Trois-Rivières]] Downtown''' (Rue St-Roch/Boulevard des Forges){{Average}}
*'''(201) {{Ramp}} [[Trois-Rivières]]''' (Boulevard des Chenaux)

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