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===South towards [[Sofia]], [[Bulgaria]]===
Take the M2 metro in direction of ''IMGB''. Get off at ''Eroi Revolutie'' and look for the ''City Mall'', walk towards it and you will see that the road forks. Take the right fork, the road will be called ''Giurgiului''. This road will lead directly out of Just after the city mall, there'''Bucharest''' and South to ''Giurgiu'' and [[Ruse]]s a tram ticket office. Although there are many places to hitch from I would recommend walking at least to the city boundary in order to maximise hitch potentialGet a ticket (1. Its either an hour 7 Lei as of September 2008), and walk or a case of catching one of bit more on the many trams or buses which follow this road out of to get to the citytram stop*The best It's right in this case might be to take the middle of the road. Take tram #25 and get out at to the last stop of it. It stops directly before the city of ''Jilava'', so from there you can easily catch a ride towards the border of [[Bulgaria]].
===North, East towards [[Slobozia]], [[Constanţa]] (Black Sea Coast) and Danube Delta===