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It was very hard to leave that grass, a total of 150 people participated and some stayed until the very last end of it, as we were all thinking about the next event! A lot of people are reactive to find a way to meet again! We hope that our future events will have such nice days like these ones!
We opened a special [[888/-Evaluation]] page, for which we are also looking for your input. Go [[|there]] and hit edit to share your thoughts.
===Press Coverage===
No less than 5 film-making teams were formed prior to the Paris gathering. All video's are going to be merged in one single documentary. The documentary project now got a ride for the editing step in Copenhagen with Martin. It will take some time of course to be finished, several months for sure, but we will keep you posted about this.
Some stories have been submitted, see for example '[ A Nomadic Date in Paris]' by Julien. It would be great if you also want to post you story... There is also a flickr-group for the photos, check []
===Next year: [[789]]===
Next year will see a European Hitchhikers Gathering. We hope for you that it will be a pleasure once again to share another experience together. Of course, it will be very difficult to do better, but if all participate a little, it will be our paradise :) Check [[]] for more information, and feel free to part-take in the discussion.
===Some Hitchhiking Anecdotes===
* There was a lot of space in the car, I asked him for take me to Orléans, he said: O.k. I will give you a ride! Oh no, I can't, my wheels will touch the car !!! [[User:Terrehappy|MiSha]]
* One hitchhiker arrived from [[ Linz]] after 21 hours of hitchhiking, he stayed for 4 hours to return home again to be back in time for his work.
* The last hitchhiker who arrived in Paris for the gathering actually stayed partying with her driver the night before. Could there be a better excuse?
* One hitchhiker had to go back 40 kilometers to pick up a phone he had left behind in a car. Another hitchhiker almost lost all his luggage because he said good-bye before he picked his luggage from the trunk.
===(upcoming) events===
* 23 August - 5 September 2008/open end - [ Viva con Agua] hitchhiking race from [[ Hamburg]]/St.Pauli to the EXPO 2008 in [[Saragossa]] with the topic ''Water and Sustainable Development''.* 5-7 September - The Annual [[ abgefahren e.V.]] club meeting will take place at [,53.082350,8.792220%3B5107824826627978613,53.551460,8.569310&q=oberkeil&sll=53.209322,8.698425&sspn=1.135002,2.323608&ie=UTF8&ll=49.998471,11.515388&spn=0.152277,0.420914&z=12 Oberkeil] close to [[ Bayreuth]]. Open for everyone. Workshops, talks, etc.* 7-13 August 2009. 2nd European Hitchhiking Week, [[]] location yet to be determined.
== second newsletter ==