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A-40 (Quebec)

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=== Section West - [[Ontario]] border and [[Montreal Metropolitan]] ===
==== Crossing In [[Montérégie]], [[Montreal Metropolitan|Montreal]], [[Lanaudières]] Regions ====
In [[Montreal Metropolitan]], the A-40 runs in the northern part of the [[Montreal]] island and is known as ''Autoroute Metropolitaine'' until it reaches the St-Lawrence North Shore at the 'Charles-De-Gaulle Bridge' in Repentigny. The A-40 highway also includes two periphical By-Pass branches meant to avoid the urban traffic of downtown [[Montreal]] and facilitate the transport towards the northern regions of [[Laurentides/Lanaudières]]. From Repentigny, the A-440 and the A-640 aim to By-Pass [[Montreal]] Island, the A-440 goes through and finishes in [[Laval]] while the A-640 follows the Northern shore before finishing in the surrounding of Oka. Both connects with the [[A-13 (Quebec)|A-13]] that runs North-South back to the main A-40 on Montreal Island and the [[A-15 (Quebec)|A-15]] which also goes further north.

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