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<map lat='52.28034161996665' lng='7.439289093017578' zoom='11' view='0' float='right'/>
'''Rheine''' is a city in the north of the [[Germany|German]] ''Bundesland'' [[Nordrhein-Westfalen]].
It is located along the highway [[A30 (Germany)|A30]]. You can find three ramps here: ''Rheine-Nord, Rheine and Rheine-Kanalhafen.''
* You can also take a bus to the ramp, it's going twice a day towards [[Hörstel]]: Take line #192, it's starting at 6:36 a.m. and 1:16 p.m. at the central station in '''Rheine'''. Get out at ''Hafenstrasse / Kreuzung L501'', and walk along the ''L501'' for around 1 km over the bridge towards the ramp. Maybe the bus drives you to ''Rheine-Rodde / Am Backhaus'', that's directly at the ramp. Just ask the bus driver, because he'll definitely stop there on his way back! For further information, download the time table [ here].
===West towards [[Amsterdam]], [[A30 (Germany)|A30]] (Ramp ''Rheine-Nord'')===
* A better solution for going west would be the ramp ''Rheine-Nord''. There's a bus stop directly next to the ramp. Ask at the bus station which bus is going towards ''Rheine Nord'' or direction ''Spelle''. This ramp is only good for hitchhiking towards the [[Netherlands]] or onto the [[A31 (Germany)|A31]], but forget it for hitching eastwards. There's quite a lot of space for you to stand for direction [[Netherlands]], even a traffic light with a button to push so you can force cars that are going onto the highway to stop. The ramp in the other direction is bad, no hard shoulder to stand on, and fast traffic.
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