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{{Infobox Swedish Location|map = <map lat='56.656603914012026665' lng='12.90970802307128989' zoom='1512' view='0' float='right' />|country = Sweden|pop = 55,700|motorways = [[E6]], [[E20]]|footnotes = }}'''Halmstad''' is a city in southwestern [[Sweden]] in the province of [[Hallands län|Halland]] with roughly 56,000 inhabitants. == Hitchhiking out == === North: [[Göteborg]], South: [[Helsingborg]] {{E|6}}/{{E|20}} ===Take the a bus to ''Eurostop''. Best For [[Göteborg]], the best place is to go to the corner at the ''Max Restaurant '' restaurant with a sign. We Some anonymous hitchhiker got a lift in about 5 minutes to GoteborgGöteborg. Don't try it at At the petrol station, most people there are heading south. If going south, take yourself to coordinates 56.654106, 12.902268 , also mentioned on the map here in the article. We were two guys and we found a hitch to [[Malmö]] in about 20 minutes. {{IsIn|Sweden}} [[Category:Sweden]][[Category:E6]][[Category:E20]][[trash:Halmstad]]