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<map lat='52.28034161996665' lng='7.439289093017578' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/>
'''Rheine''' is a city in the north of [[Nordrhein-Westfalen]].
It is located along the highway [[A30 (Germany)|A30]]. You can find three ramps here: ''Rheine-Nord, Rheine and Rheine-Kanalhafen.''
{{stub}}==Hitching Out=====East towards [[Hörstel]], [[Ibbenbüren]], [[A30 (Germany)|A30]] (Ramp ''Kanalhafen'')===* If you are in the city, there are no real good spots towards the [[A30 (Germany)|A30]] ramp ''Kanalhafen''. If you are at the central station you can walk along the ''Kardinal-van-Galen-Ring'' towards [[Ibbenbüren]], walk over the ''Ems'' river and go right into the ''Osnabrücker Strasse''. Here you have two choices: You can walk till the end of town where you'll find an ''Aral'' gas station, or try to hitchhike somewhere along the way at a bus stop. There's not much space for cars to stop because many are parking next to the road and the street is quite small. It is recommended to walk around 1 km along the ''Osnabrücker Strasse'' and try it then at the ''Persiluhr'' where some space to stop cars is situated, or some meters further at the crossing with the ''Friedrich-Ebert-Ring''. Whatever, just try to hitchhike, if you have no luck walk until the end of town, if there nobody stops it's just around 2-3 km to the ramp. A sign saying [[A30 (Germany)|A30]] might help you a lot!  * You can also take a bus to the ramp, it's going twice a day towards [[Hörstel]]: Take line #192, it's starting at 6:36 a.m. and 1:16 p.m. at the central station in '''Rheine'''. Get out at ''Hafenstrasse / Kreuzung L501'', and walk along the ''L501'' for around 1 km over the bridge towards the ramp. Maybe the bus drives you to ''Rheine-Rodde / Am Backhaus'', that's directly at the ramp. Just ask the bus driver, because he'll definitely stop there on his way back! For further information, download the time table [ here]. 

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