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The locations below are just examples. Due to the right to roam we can be pretty flexible there and choose as well a place further south.
[ Map of shelters in Sweden]
===== Pros =====
* The right to roam gives us the right to camp in the nature (not necessarily for two weeks at one spot, yet it's possible) which is great if we need to be spontaneous and flexible.
* Sweden has never closed it's borders (to EU) in the whole time.
* Sweden never hat a curfew so far
* Plenty of space and amazing nature, fresh water sources, fireplaces and wilderness huts.
* Many suitable places for camping in Sweden have a toilet
===== Cons =====
* Only Sweden is open (29.4.) and requires a negative test. (For german citizens German residents free, others might need to pay about 20€; giving a local adress might be enough).* As Denmark is pretty much restricted it's important to catch a direct ride to Sweden(transit) if you hh from Germany (ferry or bridge).
==== KinnarodenAbisko, Norway (Cape Nordkinn) Sweden ====
There is a small cabin at Europe's northest point Kinnaroden free camp site in Norway as mentioned by To.the National Park
===== Pros =====
* Dumpster diving possible next town.Fresh water source* Toilets* Beach Small dumpster close byand bigger one 40 km from there. * Fresh water available.River, mountain and lake nearby
===== Cons =====
* Far from central the north* Pretty isolated
==== AbiskoKinnaroden, Sweden Norway (Cape Nordkinn) ====
There is a free camp site small cabin at Europe's northest point Kinnaroden in the National Park Norway as mentioned by To.
===== Pros =====
* Sweden never closed it's border due to COVID-19Dumpster diving possible next town.* Small dumpster Beach close by and bigger one 40 km from there. * Fresh water available.
===== Cons =====
* Also very far Far from central Europe.* Pretty isolated
=== Discussion ===

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