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<map lat='37.5' lng='126.983333' zoom='9' view='0' country='South Korea'/>
Flag of South Korea
South Korea
State: Seoul National Capital Area
Population: 10,421,782 (2007)
Licence plate: ?
Major roads: 1, 35, 100, 130
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Seoul (pronounced /soʊl/; Korean pronunciation: [sʌ.ul]) is the capital of South Korea.

Hitchhiking out

Going east to Wonju, Gangneung, Sokcho, Odae San and Seorak San national parks

Take the subway to Daeyami on the south side of Seoul (blue line Oido direction). Walk out of Daeyami station and turn left. Keep going until you get to the busy main road with a garden centre housed in polytunnels opposite. Cross over at the pedestrian crossing and follow the main road to the right, walking under the bridge. Turn left and keep going until you reach the Gunpo tollgate. Traffic from here goes east to Wonju and Gangneung and west to Incheon.

Going south to Daejeon, Daegu, Gwangju, Busan and all the rest of the country

New tip (Sinbundang Line; for an option that will save you 900 won, see below): Take the Sinbundang Line (dark red) to Yangjae Citizen's Forest (D09) station and go for exit 5. Follow Maeheon St (매헌로) across a park, dive beneath the highway you're after, and continue until you see a very wide avenue (there's a very visible E-mart mall nearby, might be good for stocking up on supplies before a long journey). You have to cross this wide avenue, there is a pedestrian crossing if you go up a bit on the right. After crossing the road turn left (cross another pedestrian crossing) and then right, following a road that takes you to the expressway in the direction of Busan. You'll pass close to an helipad and the rest area should already be visible by that time just after it. There's also a place to pitch a tent (for those who came late in the evening, plan to set out next morning, and don't mind the traffic noise). The rest area itself has toilets for the disabled (with running warm water!), free hot water, free wifi, and all sorts of amenities. (This paragraph has been updated the 21/11/2017) I got almost immediate rides out of there on two separate occasions.

Old / economy (saves you 900 won) tip: You will be charged 900 won for riding the Sinbundang Line. That can be avoided at the cost of about half an hour's walk. Take the subway/metro line number 3 to Yangjae (342) station (take care to avoid the dark red line, or the whole thing loses its economic sense!) and leave on exit number 7. When you come out, there is a big road south so keep walking on it for ~30min till you reach the big crossroad with the Korean highway Nr.1 and the Yangjae IC (intersection) on your right. The spot on the ramp itself is not very good, but a few hundred meters south along the highway there is a big GS25 service station, with a lot of cars, information center and free internet access :) So stand here, make your sign (in Hangeul) and GOOD LUCK :)

after waiting here for about 20 minutes, I stopped a BMW series 7 with some famous Korean DJ inside, giving me lift all the way to Daejeon :)