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Selçuk (pronounced sel-chook) is a city in the west of Turkey. Located nearby are the Unesco-heritage ruins of Efesus/Ephesos/Efes, an ancient Greek settlement. Popular as a tourist destination, Selçuk has several hotels, but also boasts a few friendly hostels.

Hitching out

North/East towards Izmir/Konya

Walk to the north of town and start hitching on a patch of calm road. After about 10 minutes, you'll reach a big highway. Head left (west) for Izmir, or right (east) for Konya, Denizli/Pamukkale and Kapadokya.

Accommodation and Sleep

There's several cheap hostels. You can also camp outside of town, in the nearby hills and mountains. Be mindful of snakes though. The close beach of Dereli is a perfect spot for free camping very wide and with comfortble fine sand, there is also a nice camping that you can use for shower (the entrance from the beach is not surveilled) even wildcamping on the beach.