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Scrabster is a small fishing port in the very North of Scotland. It's a place one can possibly get to the Faeroe Islands from.

<map lat='58.6122' lng='-3.5517' zoom='12' view='0'/>
Flag of Scotland
Population: 0
Major roads: A9
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Crossing to the Faeroe Islands

Zenit heard a story of an unknown hitchhiker getting a ride and decided to go and investigate. Indeed there are fishing boats from the Faeroe Islands calling here most week-ends (but not all), usually on Saturday or Sunday, leaving the following day. If they're in, the sailors will most probably be shopping in Thurso as many things like alcohol are cheaper in Scotland than on the islands, in the fish market or in the Pub (The Upper Deck). There also is a cargo boat called The Silver Fjord, or something along those lines, leaving every Tuesday (?) with limited passenger facilities. You'll be required to pay for a crossing, however. More information about this service can be found at the harbour services. To find out about boats that are in the port or expected to call in the next days, go to (or contact - their number's 01847 892779) the harbour office, three houses from the bar. The staff there are very friendly and helpful.

Uncle_sam01 visited Scrabster in August 2016 in hopes of finding a boat to the Faroe Islands. There are both freight and fishing boats, however both boats' agents in Scrabster said that they have been asked to take hitchhikers in the past and that they always decline due to insurance. I gave up after both agents said basically the same thing. However, it's ultimately the captain's decision whether or not they wish to take extra people - if you have the patience to wait for the ships (no one knows when they arrive), then you could try talking to the captain directly, although it's very unlikely you'll get a ride.


Scrabster is very small, but it's a harbour place and as such it's got numerous places where you can spend a dry night. If you have the budget for it, you can of course get a room at the inn, but for us others, there's also empty trailers you can sleep in, on or under depending on your preferences. Just be a bit sneaky and discreet about it. If you have a tent you could also camp near a trail above the lighthouse - it's quite a spot.