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Santa_Fe is a city in New Mexico. It is the capital city of New Mexico and one of the friendliest. Hitchhiking is decent here, but not quite as easy as further up north around Taos and in Colorado.

If you are passing through here pay a visit to Thewindandrain.

Hitching out

The best way to hitch in either direction on I-25 is the intersection of St. Francis and I-25. If you are heading to Albuquerque you may also try the intersection of Cerillos Road and I-25, although St Frances still should be better.

North towards Espanola

There is no good spot to hitch north on US 84, but just continue walking past downtown and there will be large shoulders all along to make it easy for people to pull over.

Hitching in

Places to avoid

Accommodation and Sleep

Other useful info