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San Salvador de Jujuy

San Salvador de Jujuy (or just Jujuy) is a city in Argentina.


Hitchhiking out

South/South-east towards Salta/San Miguel de Tucuman/Resistencia/Santiago del Estero

Take road #66 to Salta, don't use #9 - it's old, difficult and no traffic.

One of the options (honestly not really good): Try to get to Palpalá (there should be a bus from New Terminal in Jujuy), then walk about 2km from Palpalá terminal along the highway to the end of the city. Not really a good spot because of high speed, but we got a ride after 3 hours directly to Salta (December 2017). To other cities take a ride to the big intersection with road to Salta after General Guemes.

Other option: Take a bus to a big supermarket called Changomas. Everybody knows it, and you will easily find an urban bus there. Then, walk under the bridge and you find a roundabout which is not bad, heading both 66 and 9. If you walk along the road direction south you will also find a gas station with better possibilities.

North/North-west towards Purmamarca/Tilcara/Humahuaca/Bolivia

Take bus 35, 36 or 39 to Yala (20 pesos, you will need a Sube card or ask to use someone's). The stop is on avenida 19 de Abril, no need to go to the new bus station! After town, you should find a row of trees for the shade. There is space all along the road up until Humahuaca at least, in both directions. Cars don't go too fast, it's an easy hitch.

Other useful info

To take the city- and suburban buses you need a transports' card "Sube" (the same as in Buenos Aires or Bariloche for example) or use somebody's card and give them cash.