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The Saint Petersburg Autostop League, short PASL, was founded in April 1978. It's a Russian club of hitchhikers. Alexey Vorov is a founder and the president of PASL. He has hitchhiked over one million kilometers.

Race 2008

PASL organized an hitchhiking race through the West of Russia at 6-24 August 2008:

Another piece of news, more important, is that we are going to launch a 9 days hitch-hiking race across the European part of Russia in the second half of August. The exact dates are to be determined yet, but most likely it would be August 16-24. Unlike the Globol Autostop Race, this is planned as an open event, encouraging hitch-hikers with little or no experience in competitive autostop to participate. I would kindly ask you to spread this announcement among your contacts. And if you guys are interested, it's just the time to plan your August and apply for Russian visas. Please, feel free to address any questions to either Alexei or me.