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Saint Lucia

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Saint Lucia is one of the worst islands to hitch hike in the Caribbean, but is still better than the majority of other countries in the world. It is not common but people will know that you need a lift and the large Christian community will be quite willing to stop. St Lucia has a bad reputation compared with it's neighbouring islands but is still fairly safe.

Flag of Saint Lucia Saint Lucia
Language: English
Capital: Castries
Population: 160,765
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
Hitchability: <rating country='lc' />
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<map lat='13.9' lng='-60.95' zoom='10' view='0' country='Saint Lucia' height='350'/>

Entrance requirements

Contrary to what was written here previously, you can enter St. Lucia without an onward ticket - just don't sound like an idiot that doesn't know how long they want to stay or where they're going next - simple. Quite easy to be 'landed' from a boats crew if you've hitched there.


There is a fast ferry to/from Martinique (approx €80 one way), the water bus from La Marina (Martinique) does not appear to run anymore (was a similar price anyway). No ferry to SV&G.