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Roosendaal is a small-sized city in the Netherlands, located in the province Noord Brabant.

<map lat="51.52519891935879" lng="4.471265408851308" zoom="12" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Netherlands
Flag Noord Brabant.png
Noord Brabant
Population: 66,660
Major roads: A17, A58
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Hitchhiking out

East towards Etten-Leur, Breda

From the train station, walk via the Brugstraat and Boulevard, then turn left onto the Antwerpseweg. Pass under the highway to find the on-ramp (24) in eastern direction.

West towards Bergen op Zoom, Middelburg, South towards Antwerpen, North towards Rotterdam

Follow the directions above, but this time don't cross under the highway, you'll already see the on-ramp in western direction. Right after this on-ramp is a highway junction, so make sure to find a ride in the good direction.

South towards Essen (Belgium)

Follow the directions above, but now from the highway continue along the Antwerpseweg. Turn right at the Churchillpoort and left at the Gazellelaan. Keep continuing as straight as possible, then walk through some bushes to find the right on-ramp in front of you, at the far south side of the city.