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|map = <map lat='-22.8' lng='-43.3' zoom='9' view='0' />
|map = <map lat='-22.8' lng='-43.3' zoom='9' view='0' />
|pop = 263,508
|pop = 263,508
|plate = PR Foz do Iguaçu
|plate = RJ Rio de Janeiro
|motorways = [[BR-277]]
|motorways = [[BR-277]]

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Rio de Janeiro
<map lat='-22.8' lng='-43.3' zoom='9' view='0' />
Flag of Brazil
State: Paraná
Population: 263,508
Licence plate: RJ Rio de Janeiro
Major roads: BR-277
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Rio de Janeiro is a city in the Southeast of Brazil. Rio in the state areas is one of the easiest places in all Brazil to hitchhike as there's no competition from other hitchers and people are accustomed to foreigners and like to help them. The more foreign looking you seem and act the easier it's going to be. Hitchhiking is still not so easy. Guaka found hitching in Brazil with a clean and shaved shaved look fairly easy.

Hitchhiking out

Northeast towards Vitória (BR101)

In order to hitch out of Rio towards Vitória and up along the coast you need to pick up a bus from the centre or the rodoviária which takes you to Itaboraí. Even better is to get a van ride to Itaboraí and ask the van driver to leave you on the road or at the gas station near by which is very useful for picking up the initial ride.

Southwest towards São Paulo (BR116)

Going out towards São Paulo is a little trickier. The SuperVia commuter rail leaves from Estação Central do Brasil in downtown (connected to the Metro station 'Central'). Take a SuperVia train (Japeri (blue) Line) to Nova Iguaçu, from there get a bus to the Dutra highway (BR116) where there are some gas stations. It's rather a long trip from Rio Centre by train, but it is possible to get to São Paulo in the day.

You can also take the train to two of the stations after Nova Iguacu, Comendador Soares and Queimados. Both are relatively short walks (>2km) from the highway (BR116). Cariocas reacted with some apprehension at the idea of going to Queimados at all, let alone to hitchhike, but the place was very safe to walk through.

From the highway, you can walk another little ways to some petrol stations, though there was been success getting a ride right off of the highway (from Queimados)

Other option: Bruegel preferred to go south by the beautiful Costa Verde (touristy Parati is on this way too). You take the bus (he took it very close to Lapa, 2.75 reals, 30min+-) to Santa Cruz (just ask some people where to take the bus, easy as bonjour), get off at the last stop of BR-101 where there is a very big supermarket called Extra, walk 200 meters down the road where there is a petrol station.

Another opinion (Nadita): it is easier to get bus to Itaguay and get off in BR-101 before entering the town , it is less tricky than Santa Cruz where if you don't speak good Portuguese you can easily get lost.

In Itataia

Hitching in the Itataia region in the northwest part of the state is very easy, it's got a community of Europeans that will pull up even if you don't ask. trash:Rio de Janeiro