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Reims is a beautiful city which took one anonymous hitchhiker over 8 hours to hitchhike out of. He tried all the roads imaginable and seemingly worthwhile until once lunch-time had already vanished into the past, he realised another approach was needed:

Hitching Out

Towards all directions

Get a bus to a place just outside the city named Tinqueux. At least one bus heads towards Tinqueux which will run along the Avenue de Paris. At a roundabout the bus will take it's own French route - but if you're walking then at this (there's only one) roundabout take the road called Avenue de 29th Aout 1944. A little way past what google earth points to as the exact spot of Tinqueux, is a street called Rue Charles Boucton. Once you get there you will discover what you are looking for. You will see an enormous hitchhikers heaven - thousands of cars and trucks, supermarkets - McDonalds' and petrol stations. You may be able to get to China from a place like this. ����������������������