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Regensburg is a city in Eastern Bavaria, located between München (130km to the south), Nürnberg (Nuremberg, 110km to the north-west), Praha (Prague, 260km to the north-east) and Linz (230km to the east). It is a main stop on the way from BeNeLux and Germany (except the very south-east) to Vienna (Wien), Hungary and whole South-Eastern Europe. Two highways are crossing at Kreuz Regensburg (some 5km from the City center):

[A3] from Frankfurt-Würzburg-Nürnberg to Passau-Linz-Wien

A93 from München to Berlin, Dresden or Praha

Hitching out of Regensburg:

The easiest place to reach from the City center is the exit Regensburg-Königswiesen (no. 42). You can use it for all directions. Coming from the center take the bus no. 4 (direction Lilienthalstraße or Universität) or 10 (direction Dechbetten; don't take the ones going just to Königswiesen). You also can jump no. 1 (direction Prüfening) which runs every 10 minutes on working days. Leave the bus at Dechbetten (no. 4 and 10) or at Lilienthalstraße (no. 1 and 4). From this stop head to the south crossing under the railways, crossing a junction and you will see the entry Königswiesen, [1]. Always take the entry east of the highway (direction south). Perfect place for the cars to stop but you will need a sign (Nürnberg, München or Passau). If you wanna go to the north (Berlin, Dresden, Praha) look also for cars going to München and get out after 8km on the Raststätte "Pentling" (both directions). There you will find a car in very short time. Notice that there are no more gas stations on A93. So your next stop on your way to Praha is at the border (Waidhaus/Rozvadov). If you are on the way to Heilbronn/Stuttgart/Heidelberg or Würzburg/Frankfurt you might have to change the car at Raststätte "Jura" 60km on your way to Nürnberg. If you are heading to the east there is an "Autohof" at the exit Regensburg-Ost (no. 101). Not too many cars there and only suitable to travel along A3. You can reach this place also by bus from the City center. (Take bus no. 9 to Neutraubling and get out at Junkersstraße.[2]) The next gas station is Raststätte "Bayerischer Wald" some 50km on your way to Passau. Notice that the Raststätte "Passau" is not very popular as the fuel is much cheaper only a few kilometers after the border at Suben. If you intend to continue your way to the south towards Austria, Switzerland or Italy be sure not to end up in down-town München. Last chance to change the car is at Raststätte "Holledau" (both directions) about 50km before München.