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Pristina (also spelled Prishtina) is the largest city in the disputed territory of Kosovo.

Hitchhiking out

North-West towards Kosovska Mitrovica

To hitch out of Pristina, walk to Bill Klinton st and continue till you come to a junction. It is not obvious where it is because there is no sign Mitrovica on the way from the city. Walk up the junction bridge and then walk on in the Mitrovica direction (i.e. right if you came from the city center) until you come to a petrol station. Of course you can hitch right away without walking to petrol station first, but all traffic here seems to be very local so you have better chances of finding a straight car talking at the petrol station then thumbing on the road.

See yahoo maps for Pristina geometry understanding, though the map is not quite right - the junction is actually inside the city.

North-West towards Peje and airport if you need it

Just walk the same road as for Mitrovica but instead of finding the bridge walk on straight till you find a suitable spot (i.e. basically anywhere ;)

North towards Podujevo, Kursumlia, Nis and Belgrade

Find Bajram Bahtri street in the northen part of the town (near the railways) and follow it, moving north, until it comes into M25. Beware of many taxi drivers that passing by, tell them that you are hitchhiking before you get into the car.

South towards Skopje, Ferizaj, Prizren

Find Buleardi Deshmoreve in the southern part of the city (or find Blvd. Nena Tereze and walk south till it continues into the former). Walk until a big roundabout with a lot of bus stops and private taxis. Continue south, pass the gas station and hitch right after the road splits into two, one of them towards Skopje,Ferizaj and Prizren. There is a car park and a construction site and plenty of space for a car to stop. Note that you will be standing close to a bus stop so people might advice you to hop on a bus. Nonetheless it's an excellent spot.

If you are heading to Prizren rather don't expect to stop a car that will bring you straight to your desired destination. Most of the cars will be going towards Ferizaj. If you find a common language with the driver try to ask him to bring you to the place where the road to Prizren starts - it wont be a problem for him to get back on the road to Ferizaj, there is a lot of space to maneuver a car.

File:Hitchhiking Prishtina.JPG
Pristina - The road towards Skopje, Ferizaj, Prizren.


Many map resources have no idea about what Kosovo towns are. Google maps have complete coverage though. There is no tourist information office in Kosovo (or we failed to find one) but you can walk to the Grand Hotel (not far from the Stadium) and ask them for Kosovo/Pristina map - they give one for free. It is not perfect but at least you will have a clear map of the city center and a nice map of Kosovo, as well as some info about local sites.

You can also download a InYourPocket Pristina guide with a map in it. It's a decent map of the city center. Here is the link : Pristina IYP (in case the address changes go to their website and check in the download section)