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Poti is a city in the Samegrelo region of Georgia.

Poti is a port city in Georgia on the eastern coast of the Black Sea. It has many ships arriving and departing from the largest port in Georgia. Passenger ferries depart and arrive from other countries as well. Poti has a large river, the Rioni, running through it.

Hitching In

The coastal highway, E-97, running along the Black Sea coast of Georgia runs through Poti and is a well-traveled highway.

Hitching Out

The center of Poti contains a large cathedral that is currently under renovation. Directions for hitching out of Poti are provided from here.

The cathedral is surrounded by a park. This park is surrounded by a road, Rustaveli Circle. The Rioni river runs past the cathedral and park on the northern side of the park. To hitch out of town you will need to walk generally south away from the river. Walk to the opposite side of the park from the cathedral. There is a large gateway to a walking avenue that runs into the park. There is an information booth just inside this park entrance. When you stand under this gateway and look away from the park you will take the road that is a little to your right and running perpendicularly away from the park and the river. Walk down this road through a residential area for about a kilometer. Then the road will curve gently to the right and then almost immediately meet with the coastal highway. From here you can walk to a good spot to hitch along this highway and out of the city.