Porto Alegre

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Template:Porto Alegre is a city in Brazil.

Hitchhiking out

Hitchhiking in

Places to avoid

Avoid hitchhiking at the coasting of the highway BR-290, also called "Freeway". It could be dangerous.

If you are going East, to litoral or beyond it, It's better you go to this places to hitchhiking:

- The Bus Station, at the Vespasiano Veppo Square in front of the Continental Hotel. This place is more secure and the cars go more slowly there.

- The gas station Ipiranga Aeroporto, at Avenue of States, 75. Many cars stop there to fill fuel and go to the two highway beyond: the BR-116, which goes North, and the BR 290, wich goes East.

- The gas station Petrobras Graal Rota 80, at the Km 80 of the highway BR-290. The administrator of this gas station not allows the hitchhikers near the fuel pumps but you can hitchhiking there, at the exit to return to the highway BR-290, when the cars slow down your speed to get in the road.

Accommodation and Sleep

Other useful info