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Hitchhiking and (political) campaiging is an interesting and maybe controversial one. Hitchhiking can be seen as a sexy social, economical and environmental-friendly means of transport. But, hitchhiking can also be used for activism, team building, communication skills training...

Past Campaigns


EURIZONS 2006 adds up in… 8 national teams + 50 hitchhikers + 2500km + 8MDGs = 75 media reports, 2000 people reached in events and street action, 3 million people reached through media reports and 50 young Europeans qualified as multipliers + Eurizons 2007!
More Information: http://www.eurizons.net

Can I Get a Right

6th of March - 16th of March 2006: Amnesty International Student groups took part in the hitch hiking event “Can I Get a Right?” to Belarus. The event was dedicated to rise awareness about the worrying Human Rights situation in Belarus.
More Information: http://canigetaright.blogspot.com


In the 17 years the Hitch has been running, over 4,440 people have successfully thumbed lifts across Europe. The Hitch takes place during the Easter period, with the average journey to Morocco around 6 days. The Hitch is organized every year by Link Community Development, a UK based charity organisation that tries to promote better education for children in Africa.
More Information: http://www.lcd.org.uk/events/hitch

Viva Con Agua de Sankt Pauli Charity Hitch

Small charity race from Hamburg to Spain in order to rise attention for drinking water issues.
More Information: http://www.lcd.org.uk/events/hitch

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