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The Point-du-Jour Motorway Services along the A-40 in Quebec is a huge Services including Gas Stations, Restaurants and Resting Area located in the median strip of the highway therefore receiving both Westbound (towards Montreal) and Eastbound (towards Trois-Rivieres and Quebec city. It would reveal a great spot to switch drivers in matter to reach your destination.

People from Quebec city are accustomed to stop there after having driven more than 2h and before entering Montreal Island as well as people from Ontario often does the same thing after having crossed Montreal on a Eastbound voyage. It might reveal the right place to catch a ride that goes to one of the nearest inland town, for example Joliette (Exit 122) on A-31.

It would also be the right place to catch a ride that follows any of the Northern Crown By-Pass, the A-440 to Laval or the A-640 to the Laurentides.

On a voyage towards Montreal, it is pretty useless to accept any rides that does not reach the city or a metro station from this Services.

Eastbound, the next Off-Highway Services is at Exit 144 - Berthierville (crossing possibilities to the St-Lawrence South Bank with the new bridge in Sorel.

Westbound, the only other exit offering basic Services before Montreal Island is at Exit 94 - Lachenaie.