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* [[Asia phrasebook]]
* [[Asia phrasebook]]
* [[South America phrasebook]]
* [[South America phrasebook]]
==Northern Europe==
Don't bother to try asking in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or Finnish. Almost people speak English, and will be confused when you try to speak their language - and if you do speak it at a reasonable level, you won't need this phrasebook.
==Eastern Europe==
Russian is probably the most important language to learn, many older people speak or at least understand Russian, especially when their mother tongue is a Slavic language.
==South-Eastern Europe==
1. Hola
2. Va usted a ...?
3. Yo podria ir con usted?
5. Podria dejarme aqui?
6. Gracias por la ayuda.
7. Este, Oeste, Norte, Sur
==External Links==
==External Links==

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There are various hitchhiking phrasebooks to be found online. Since this is a wiki we can try to make the best one. A flexible one, where you can assemble your own phrasebook, with the languages you need for your trip.

External Links

  • Global Vagabond Language Guide - Important phrases for hitchhikers in over 20 languages, including a printable edition of the Hitch-hiking Phrasebook for many European languages.