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=== South towards [[Göteborg]] {{E|6}} and east towards [[Stockholm]] {{E|18}} ===
=== South towards [[Göteborg]] {{E|6}} and east towards [[Stockholm]] {{E|18}} ===
Note: If you're heading to Sweden on the E18 you have to start on the E6. Be very careful as there is only one point where the E6 branches to the E18. It's fairly easy to miss, but when you see it ask the driver to turn off even if they are continuing south. There is a roundabout where you can get out, and then the driver can get back on the E6.
'''Option 1 - Mortensrud '''  
'''Option 1 - Mortensrud '''  

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Flag of Norway
Population: 669,060
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Oslo is the capital of Norway.

Hitchhiking out

Hitching out of Oslo is difficult from the city center. There are several motorway entrances behind the tunnel. The further outside the city you are, the easier it gets.

North towards Trondheim E 6

Around IKEA (Furuset) is an area where most trucks start. There is a "Statoil" petrol station on the E6 direction North which can be reached walking from metro station "Trosterud" (Metro lines 1 or 2)

You can either catch the Metro or the free Ikea shuttle bus to get there. Both will be about a 400-500 meter walk.

With the metro take line 1 or 2 to the stop Trosterud'. From Trosterud go out, to the left, left again down the hill, over the footbridge and continue down and you are behind the gasstation.

The IKEA shuttle bus goes once per hour from Dronningsgate near the main station directly to IKEA. From there you can walk back to the street, turn left (south-west) turn left at the second roundabout and then cross the E6. The Statoil station then is to your left and can be reached by the next street on your left.

South towards Göteborg E 6 and east towards Stockholm E 18

Note: If you're heading to Sweden on the E18 you have to start on the E6. Be very careful as there is only one point where the E6 branches to the E18. It's fairly easy to miss, but when you see it ask the driver to turn off even if they are continuing south. There is a roundabout where you can get out, and then the driver can get back on the E6.

Option 1 - Mortensrud

Take metro line 3 to "Mortensrud" and get off at the last station, then cross the bridge over metro track and walk for about 300 meters. You will enter petrol station on motorway E6. Either ask drivers there, hitchhike on the busstop on the motorway just 100 meters next to the gasstation, on the onramp itself, or on the busstop before the onramp. Basically just go there and find your favorite way to find a ride going south.

Option 2 - From Ljansbakken (closer to the city than the other ones)

Take one of the following buses 83, 500, T9 to the stop Ljansbakken. This spot is before the road turns into a motorway at a busstop with plenty of space for people to pull over safely, a sign might be useful at this spot.

Option 3 - Hellerud

You may want to try Esso petrol station (diesel is cheaper there so lots of people fills up there and other advantage is there is a MC D. right next to it). To get there, take subway to Hellerud, turn right into Smalvollveien and walk till you get to Esso. Some might find useful to know that there seem to be fewer ticket controls on that line.

West towards Bergen

Option 1 - Where the motorway ended - there is bus 200 that goes from the City, you can catch it to the stop Avtjerna and hitch from the bustop. All motorway has ended and it is just country road all the way to Bergen. The con with this option is that it the bus only goes once an hour (and once every 2 hours on sunday). But if you just miss the bus you can change to option 2 or 3 instead of waiting for the next one.

Option 2 - Closer to the city on a onramp - 10 minutes walking Catch a train to Sandvika, when you get off the train walk in the direction the train was moving for 100 meters, turn right and then left on the bigger road (Elias Smiths Vej), follow the road until a roundabout and turn right, and you will see the entrance to the motorway.

Option 3 - Far out of the city - Take the train to "Honefoss", walk up the hill and out to the road, and there is an information point where it's easy for drivers to pull in- all traffic from Oslo to Bergen goes past this point.

Option 4 - Something closer to the city.

Both of the options for Kristianstad, Stavanger can also be used to go towards Bergen

South-West towards Kristianstad, Stavanger

Option 1 - Stabekk gasstation

Catch the train to Stabekk and as you come out of the of the train turn right and cross the bridge over the railway, following the road Kveldsroveien', by turning right after the bridge and walking in the direction you came with from Oslo. Take the second road to the left (still called Kveldsroveien and walk on that until it grows smaller and smaller before eventually becoming a footpath leading to the motorway gasstation where you can hitch towards Drammen and onwards. It's roughly a 10 minute walk from the station.

Option 2 - Same as option 4 - Petrol Station near the city

There is a Petrol Station on the Drammensvein heading west (next to the Mercedes and BMW buildings). Many people leaving Oslo in the morning to go to the surrounding suburbs for work stop there for petrol. You can reach it by walking from the city center (around 4 km on a footpath along the Drammensvein) or by Bus (TE 1,4,8, 10 or 14 till Martim). from here you can easily ask drivers if they are going to one of the spots mentioned above. Remember that most cars will not be going very far.

Hitching In

From Oslo (Rygge) Airport

Oslo (Rygge) is an airport located about 75 km South of Oslo, on the E6 direction Göteborg. To reach Oslo via HH, you simple need a sign for Oslo and you can either hitch from the airport or walk about 1.5 km to (North direction, along the motorway) the Rygge on-ramp where local traffic passes at the roundabout. The first petrol station is a few kilometres North, around Moss. From there it's rather easy to get a direct ride to Oslo.

Yes, the airport is small, so traffic is light. When you come out of the terminal building; the motorway in front of you is the E6, and Oslo (North) is to the right. I walked the one mile along the airport service road (hitching without success)and then hitched from the roundabout.

Or you can just stand at the end of the car park building on the slip road (turn right out of terminal building and walk until you reach the end of the building). I just hitched to Oslo city centre in one lift (by holding up an 'Oslo' sign). The first car stopped. Or you can ask people at the airport if they're going to Oslo. My brother did this and got a lift with the first person he asked.

I was heading East to Töcksfors (just over the Swedish border on the E18) so got dropped at the junction of the 151 near the town of Son and continued East from there. Not the easiest hitch (4 hours) but still much quicker than getting the airport bus into Oslo and then the Stockholm bus back out to Töcksfors. I found drivers friendly, willing to go a little out of their way, and everyone spoke good English.

From Oslo (Torp) Airport

Oslo (Torp) is an airport located about 115 km South of Oslo, on the E18 direction Kristiansand.

From Oslo (Gardermoen) Airport

Oslo (Gardermoen) (OSL) Airport is located around 50 km North of Oslo, near E6 towards Lillehammer.

To reach Oslo, simply go to the multi-storey car park which is adjacent to the terminal and then follow arrows to the exit. Then head to the gates where drivers pay for the parking, it's at the exit from the car park area. Stand right behind these gates. Payment takes a couple of whiles and drivers should have the time to notice you, there's also a plenty of place for them to stop to pick you up.


Check Nomadwiki for info on visa, accommodation, showers, food, internet access, public transport, busking, places to visit or Trashwiki for dumpsters .. and share your wisdom :)

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