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Osaka is a city in Japan.

Hitchhiking out

West/East towards Hiroshima, Kyoto

Take the Osaka Loop Line (JR) to Fukushima and get out at the Northern exit. When you walk underneath the railway bridge you can already see the highway in front of you and the first turn to the left is the road which goes unto the Hanshin Express way. This highway meets the Meishin Express way that goes towards Kyoto and later meets the Chugoku Express way which goes into the Western direction towards Hiroshima.

You should cross this road and stand with your sign as close to the road as possible so that cars that turn towards the high way can see you. They have a small place where they can stop, or when you are lucky one of the tollgates can be closed so that cars have a place to stop for you.

For Hiroshima you should write down the name of the Takarazuka SA (Japanese petrol stations on the highway) on your sign.

Other useful info

Always write down everything in kanji on your sign. Although Japanese people can generally read the Roman/Latin script, it takes them some time which could prove to be too long for them to understand what you have written down and stop for you.