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Flag of Belgium
State: [[West-Vlaanderen]]
Population: 69'175
Major roads: A10
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Oostende is a city in West-Vlaanderen, Belgium.

Hitchhiking out

East towards Brugge, Gent, Brussels and Antwerpen or South towards Lille

The best place is the traffic lights at the crossing of the Elisabethlaan and the Gistelsesteenweg. There is also a good spot by the petrol station between the lights and the round about (President Kennedyplein) from Verenigde Natieslaan, the northern entrance. The President Kennedyplein can easily be reached by foot from the town center, which is just over 2 km away.

Personal Experiences

The spot towards Brugge, Gent, Brussels and Antwerpen has been used by Prino many times. It seems to be the best. There is no decent place to stop when coming from the center via the Verenigde Natieslaan and at the entry onto the President Kennedyplein from the Ringlaan most drivers will be more preoccupied watching the traffic while trying to enter the round-about.

Synapsed had good luck by the petrol station on Verenigde Natieslaan. Cars rolling from a red are passing slow enough to stop on the shoulder on which there is plenty of space. People at the petrol station, staff and customers, were friendly and approachable. (August 2015)

Lilo_lies hitched with a friend from here: https://osm.org/go/0EhTNkx8F-?m= On the lane directly going onto the highway is plenty of space to pull over. Also while the traffic light is red you can stand at the traffic circle and try to catch a ride there. A sign might be useful since the road spits after a few kilometers. Got a ride after 20 minutes to Brussels. (Feb. 2018)

kingarthur hitched from the same spot as the user above (Lilo_lies) with a sign that said "Bruxelles SVP :)" (French) and found a ride in 45 minutes to Ghent. Looking back, it would've been a better idea to write a sign in Dutch or Flanders as Oostende is in the Flanders region of the country and the Belgians can be patriotic towards their native region and its language. (Nov. 2018)