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<map lat='53.77468884583577' lng='20.486068725585938' zoom='11' view='3' float='right' />
Flag of Poland
Voivodeship: Warmian-Masurian (Voivodeship)
Population: 176 463
Licence plate: NO
Major roads: 16 51 53
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Olsztyn is a city in Northeast Poland.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Warsaw 51

Go to the intersection of Ul. Tuwima and Ul. Warszawska. It is right next to Kortowo (the university campus). From there, you will see a bus stop 10m further south from the intersection on Ul. Warszawska.

Ugly angel notes that although he has never hitched from here, he has seen others do it successfully.

  • I recommend going a bit further(1km) towards the petrol station(Orlen probably). I hitch rides there and it works. Of course it's during day light. If night caught you here move to the spot above or even closer to Olsztyn city center at the crossing of Armii Krajowej and Warszawska.

Another option : Take any of 3 buses : 3, 9, 15 ,28 to the last stop. From there walk about 200 m straight on, and down there you will notice Orlen petrol station. Perfect spot to get a life by asking people.

Southwest towards Ostróda 16

Get in the bus number 7, 13 or 32, and watch the stops carefully. When you see yourself at the two-laned quite fast street, get off at the closest bus stop. Once you are there you are at the perfect spot, which doesn't require much time to get a lift from.

West towards Gdańsk or Toruń

Go to Armii Krajowej, there's bus stop right in the beginning of it. If you come from Ul. Warszawska it's 2nd bus stop. It's just before bridge. I stand there during the day. For night move to traffic light at the crossing of Armii Krajowej and Warszawska.

To the above spots it's no problem to walk out of the city center. I would say a maximum 30 min leisurely walk, including asking for directions :).