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<map lat='41.122' lng='20.8' zoom='13' view='3' />
Flag of Macedonia
Population: 56'000
Licence plate: OH
Major roads: E 65
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Ohrid is a town in the southwest of Macedonia on the shore of the big lake Ohrid. It has lots of sights, so you can expect many tourists there, especially during the school holidays. There is a lot of business in the town. Already in ancient times Ohrid was a important town on the road via egnatia, which led from Rome to the former Constantinople. The influence of the different times and religions (muslim and orthodox christians) can be seen and makes this town very impressing.

Hitching out

North, direction Struga or Skopje

Walk out of the old town direction north-west on Bulevard Turistichka. You can already try to hitch here with a sign saying Kicevo, Struga or Skopje. There is also cheap local transport to Podmolje (6 km), the intersection of the highways to Skopje and Struga, from where it should be easier to catch a ride going your way.

South, direction Pogradec (Albania)

Walk out south-east/south on Bulevard Turistichka. It's about 10 km along the lake till the border and there are many good places to stop a car once you are out of Ohrid.


A very good spot to wildcamp, inside the city, is right behind the Sv. Sofia church, very central. Behind it (opposite part of the square), there is a road leading to the beach, you will notice a theatre, where some orchestra play in the night, right beside the theatre you have a little park, very hided and perfectly central, there is also tap water available. You can put your tent everywhere but the best spot is a roof of a little garage, 10-15 metre on the left from the entrance. On the other side of the city, u have also a beach, but a bit dirty and some weird people around. Better, Sv. Sofia. For other paying options more than these here below there is also a good list on Wikivoyage. Just walk with your backpack to the harbour on the lake, there will be some private people who will ask you if you want a place to stay. With them you can go and take a look in the room they are offering to you. Then you can decide weather you want to stay or not. The room should cost between 5 to 12 Euro per night. Another option to sleep nearly for free is to ask at the orthodox monasteries. They have simple rooms for you and you will probably get something to eat too. It is polite if you give them a donation.

  • I camped behind Sv. Sofia 2 days, leaving also my tent and backpack alone during the whole day. the spot is perfectly hidden and easy to reach. At night security asked where was i going when i entered the little park but just because lots of people used this park to enter and see the orchestra for free, i explained them i had my tent there and they said no problem. Fedecicco