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<map lat='58.593' lng='16.17' zoom='12' view='0' country='Sweden' float='right'/> Norrköping [ˈnɔrɕøːpɪŋ] is a city in Sweden in the province Östergötland.

Going South to Linköping, Helsingborg and Malmö E 4

Close to trafikplats Klockaretorpet (north of the neighbourhood Klockaretorpet) along Linköpingsvägen (which is used as an on-ramp to E4) there is a passage where the road is going straight for a while, which means that hitchhikers will be visible from far. Along that straight stretch there is a bus stop where cars can stop. No matter what city you want to go it could be a good idea to write "Linköping" on the sign. If you're planning to go further south than Linköping it's a good idea to get off at the gas station and rest area Herrbeta if your driver only is going to Linköping. Herrbeta is about 20 km before Linköping and is one of the most visited rest areas along the highway E4.

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