New Mexico

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New Mexico is a state of the United States of America.

Basically New Mexico is a spaceship. It's like a spaceship landed. All kinds of people: Old hippies, Mexicans, Indians, Jesus people with flowing robes and perfect posture scented strongly with Frankincense and God knows what other spices, weird people. 3HOs walking around in turbans. Mescaline. Fast hitchhiking. New Mexico is great, it's just cold in the winter. One time we were sleeping in this couple's house who offered to put us up (their idea, not ours) and in the middle of the night the dude came brandishing this long dagger saying get out or I'll kill you. I love New Mexico.

The skies are basically a florid dreamscape of trippy wonder. Sunsets are so fucking psychedelic that it makes you want to cry.

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