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Neuenkirchen (Westfalen)

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Neuenkirchen (Westfalen) is a municipality in the district of Steinfurt, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Neuenkirchen (Westfalen)
<map lat='52.2426' lng='7.373' zoom='12' view='3' />
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of North Rhine-Westphalia.png
North Rhine-Westphalia
Population: 14,066
Licence plate: ST
Major roads: -
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Hitchhiking out

West (Ochtrup, Gronau)

If you want to hitchhike in direction west towards Ochtrup, walk along the Westfalenring until you reach the crossing Eilersweg/Wettringer Strasse. For going towards Ochtrup, walk into the Eilersweg and follow this for some meters. Along the road there's enough space to stop cars, thanks to the big bicycle lane. Try your luck there and keep walking, after 800m the city ends. From here it's only field and some farms along the way, so try to catch a ride before walking into the middle of nowhere.

Somewhere between Neuenkirchen and Ochtrup