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<map lat='43.33333' lng='17.8' zoom='11' view='3' float='right'/>
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina
State: Sarajevo Canton
Population: 111,200
Licence plate: MO
Major roads: -
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Mostar is a city in southwest Bosnia and Herzegovina. It boasts a beautifully preserved and reconstructed Ottoman Town Centre, as well as several large-scale monuments (one to Communism, for example). Because it was a central point of the Yugoslavian war, Mostar is still subject to religious difference. The eastern side and the old town is unofficially Muslim-Bosnian, and the western and central part of town is Croatian. Most Croats don't visit the Muslim areas and vice versa. Try not bringing this up when in conversation with locals, as it is a very touchy subject that might bring about strange situations.

  • User:MaxHermens has heard stories of Croats not accepting Bosnian Marks, but insisting on trading with the Croatian Crown.
Old town of Mostar

Hitchhiking out

Southwest towards Međugorje, Neum, Dubrovnik (Croatia) (E73 and E65)

Hitchhiking out of Mostar to the southwest requires some walking, because the city sprawls for several kilometers in this direction. If you are in the Old Town (Old Bridge Area), a way to walk out of the city is to follow Tito St. and then turn left at the first crossing after the cemetery. You will see a signpost showing the directions for Sarajevo and Dubrovnik. Continue walking along this road for several kilometers until you reach the sign marking the city limits (the text "Mostar" with a line drawn through it). It can be difficult for cars to stop here, but eventually you should get lucky.

Another option might be taking a taxi to Buna, the next village. It's only about 5 KM and there is a perfect hitchhiking spot right at the main road.

Northeast towards Sarajevo

It's best to walk north on the east side of the river, and pass by the train station. Stand on any free patch of road after that with a sign.

  • You can also decide to keep on walking until you reach the south-north-ringroad, but there aren't that many good places for cars to stop here.

From Mostar to Sarajevo you have a good place for hitchhiking but you need to walk a few km from town. Go outside of city and follow sign toward Sarajevo and on right side after few km it will be big petrol station. (we had luck one pair drove us there, so it is hard to say how much time you will need to walk there, maybe 20 or little bit more minutes) trash:Mostar