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Flag of Monaco Monaco
Language: French
Capital: Monaco
Population: 32,965
Currency: Euro (€)
Hitchability: <rating country='mc' />
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<map lat='43.74381677850666' lng='7.430362701416016' zoom='13' view='0' float='right'/>

The Principality of Monaco is a city-state in Western Europe. That's a small wealthy town on the seashore. There's probably not very much to do for the kind of people that are this wiki's audience, except walking in the old city and in the center and a couple of museums (especially the famous 'Musée Océanographique' if you're interested in sealife). One day is usually more than enough. Really overcrowded in August.

Leaving the city

Don't expect to hitch out there, take a train to Nice (or Saint Laurent du Var if you're going to hitch westwards) or to Ventimiglia if you go east. Another, cheaper solution is the bus TAM 100, going from Nice to Menton on the Italian border, the fare is 1,50 € regardless of the distance. It stops at Place des Armes.

It is also possible to get to a servicestation directly for direction to Italy. Just take bus 11 direction to "La Turbie" and get out at intersection D 2564/RD 63. Bus starts in front of the tourism office close to the casino in monaco. From there it's around ten minutes walk to the service station. Follow Route de Menton eastwards and take the second road left going up the hill. The bus costs 1,50 € (october 2014).

Northwest of La Turbie exists also a station direction to Nice/Cannes.

Circuit de Monaco

It is possible to hitchhike the Monaco street circuit, by standing on the start/finish line and sticking your thumb out.

See how fast you can complete one lap (timed from the moment you start waiting on the side of the road, until the moment the car you're in crosses the line). Sanne and Tom, hitchhiking as a pair, completed 1 lap in about 9 minutes (we forgot to time exactly) on 10 May 2009. If you are in Monaco, give it a go, time yourself and let the world know how you did!