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Mississippi is a state of the United States of America.

Missisipi is basically the third world. Frankly I love it. Barefoot people with fishing rods- comes straight out of Huck Finn. People like to drink in bars and party here, you should too. Lots of pills (painkiller type)- for some reason the doctors there prescribe them a lot, and everybody sells their prescription.

Missisipi is fucking cheap as hell. Wall mart is king here: after the hurricane it paid businesses not to re open.

Some places are kinda clannish, meaning both meanings basically- "people don't take kindly to strangers 'round these parts" and I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised to find some KKK shit some place unfortunately- this is country as country can get.

Missisipi people are fucking great, they aren't pretentious, they're kind hearted, and they basically are big fans of having fun- meaning specifically drinking in bars. And fishing. I hope you're not a vegetarian.

As for catching a ride, you'll find Mississippi to be much like other southern states. Long waits, weird looks, and extremely nice (if slightly naive) people actually practicing what they read in the bible they so regularly thump. Gas stations and truck stops are the way to go, just chat people up and ask about their destination. Watch for license plates to get an idea of where people are headed. Be prepared for the occasional truck full of angry young rednecks wanting to kick your ass. It happens. On the flipside every ride I caught in Mississippi went out of their way to drop me in a good spot, some bought me food, some smoked me up, some gave me painkillers, and one guy even gave me some money.


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