Mexico City

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<map lat='19.4341667' lng='-99.1386111' zoom='10' view='3' float='right' /> Mexico City is the capital of Mexico.

The metro of Mexico is a great way to get around for 3 Pesos (0.20 $US) until midnight. Minibuses are 2.50 for the first 5km, 3 Pesos 5-12km and 4 Pesos above.

Hitching Out

Autopista Puebla

Take the metro line A towards La Paz. you can get off either at stop santa martha (2 stops before the last stop) and you are on the road wich turns into the autopista to puebla. if you want to get further out of the urban area you can also get of at the last stop la paz and invest there 6 pesos into a microbus towards chalco. ask to be dropped at the toll gate (Caseta de Cobro). after a 20 min ride you will be dropped at the autopista, walk 500m an you´ll reach the big toll gate. no touble with police here if you walk and hitch on the autopista. make sure to take your ID with you though. there ist a military post at the toll gate. they may check you. if you enter mexico that way ask to be dropped at a metro station. most probably you will pass the station "blvd puerto aereo" while entering the city.

South: Cuernavaca

You can take the autopista or the beautiful carretera a cuernavace, if you leave the city via carretera you can (if the weather is fine) overlook the whole city. both roads begin at the end of tlalpan. one way to get there is from metrobus last station "doctor galvez". the metrobus runs down the long norht south road "insurgents", you need a card (which costs about 11 pesos including 1 ride) to take the metrobus, but if you ask people will let you use their card for 3.50 pesos. from dochtor galvez a minibus runs to the point where autopista and carretera split. you can take another minibus to the toll gate (caseta de cobro) de la autopista.

North: Pachuca and Queretaro

Queretaro and United States: From metro cuatro caminos, you walk 5 min to the periferico which turns into the autopista a queretaro. you can take a minibus further out (toll gate is about 30 km north) or hitch it up.

Pachuca: From metro station "Indios verdes" take a minibus to autopista, or toll gate.