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Metz is a city in the northeast of France, capital of the Lorraine région and préfecture of the département of Moselle (57). Metz is not really easy to hitch out of. There are no real good spot close to the city. It is better to get dropped out of town as soon as possible in order to be able to hitch a better ride afterward.

<map lat='49.12039958048527' lng='6.173887252807617' zoom='13' view='3' />

Going North or West (Paris, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, Germany)

Take bus number 6 bus that goes from the city centre (République) to 'La MAXE'. The ticket costs around 1 Euro. ATTENTION! It runs only once an hour. Look at the schedule. Get off at the stop beside the massive IKEA shopping centre and walk down the road until you see a roundabout and a ESSO service station nearby. Walk down the ramp until you reach both of the exits. One hitchhiker got a lift within 10 minutes while standing between the ESSO petrol station exit and a motorway exit. There is a lot of international traffic in this region.

Another option, is a 2 kilometer walk from the center. Walk along Boulevard du Pontiffroy towards North-West. Turn right on the Rue Ardant du Picq (Follow the signs saying Luxembourg/Thionville). After crossing two bridges you will find the ramp to the highway. You can hitch right before the ramp, on the bridge. See the map. This might be a bit problematic during rush-hour, but then it could be better to hitch with a sign right after the roundabout on the end of Boulevard du Pontiffroy.

Going South (Nancy, Dijon, Lyon, Spain, etc.)

It is possible to get a ride toward Nancy/Dijon/Lyon by standing on the Avenue Joffre, under the bridge, at the west of town. It merges with the A31 300m further. I used a Nancy sign to get ouf of town and got dropped in a service area 30km southward, from where you can easily hitch a long distance ride with a truck-driver. I think under the bridge is the best place in Metz to hitch out of and Nancy is the best sign to hold. It is easy to be stuck in Metz and the faster you get out, the better.

Going East (Saarbrücken, Kaiserslautern, Mainz, Frankfurt)

The peage which is about 30 km away seems to make a good spot. Another option could be this ramp.