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<map lat='6.25' lng='-75.57' zoom='11' view='0' country='Colombia' height='300'/>
Flag of Colombia
Population: 2,223,078
Major roads: 25, 62, 60
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Medellín is a city in Colombia.

The northern neighbourhoods tend to be poorer than the southern ones.

Hitchhiking out

South towards Caldas, Cali, Pereira, Manizales

From last metro station Itagüi it is a 3 min walk to the autopista del sur (towards Caldas). From there either walk 10 min to a not-that-perfect gas station or take a bus/hitch further down. About 4 km further south the highway to Cali, Pereira, Manizales begins. If you want a gas station, walk 1–2 km uphill. No safety problems here.

North to Cartagena

Go to the last metro station Niquia, just outside is the road towards Cartagena. Walk up the road about 3 kms to the Toll booth ('Payaje') or take a bus/taxi. It's best to ask drivers directly.

There is also a gas station on the road between the metro stations Belo and Niquia but it doesn't seem to be very useful.

Personal Experiences

As the most well-ordered city in the country, the public transit makes it easy to get out of this city. From the last metro station to the north, for example, you can get a city bus to Barbosa, from which the hitch to Bucaramanga can begin! -Chael777