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'''[[Hitchwiki:About|Hitchwiki]]''' is a ''collaborative'' project to build a '''[[Hitchwiki:About|free]] guide for hitchhikers'''.<br />So far we have '''[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}]]''' articles in English, written and edited by '''[[Special:Listusers|{{NUMBEROFUSERS}}]]''' [[hitchhiker]]s around the globe. Feel free to [[Help:Contents|share your knowledge]] with us.
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==[[Image:Nuvola_apps_bookcase.png|16px]] Basics==
* '''[[General hitchhiking info|General info]]'''
* '''[[Top Tips]]'''
* '''[[First time]]'''
* '''[[Safety]]'''
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==[[Image:Nuvola_apps_browser.png|16px]] Places==
* '''[[Africa]]'''
* '''[[Asia]]'''
* '''[[Australasia]]''' & '''[[Oceania]]'''
* '''[[Europe]]'''
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* '''[[Middle East]]'''
* '''[[North America]]'''
* '''[[South America]]'''
* '''[[Central America]]''' & '''[[Caribbean]]'''
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Hitchwiki is a collaborative project to build a free guide for hitchhikers.
So far we have 3,571 articles in English, written and edited by 28,660 hitchhikers around the globe. Feel free to share your knowledge with us.

Nuvola apps bookcase.png Basics

Nuvola apps browser.png Places


  • 27 April 2019 - New Mailing List: since the old mailing list is down a new one was created on riseup.net: https://lists.riseup.net/www/subscribe/hitch | Subscribe and share with the users or the old mailing list as all the data was lost together with the list
  • 1st - 24th December 2016 There is an advent calender on tramprennen.org. One story about "first time-hitchhiking-experiences" is published everyday. Check http://tramprennen.org/blog/
  • 15 November 2016 The first app ever published by Hitchwiki is now available for free (as always) on the Play Store. Download it and keep track of the spots where you hitchhike, your waiting times and so on. In a future version the app will offer you an option to sync your hitching spots with Hitchwiki with no extra work. MyHitchhikingSpots. Special thanks to a random guy who gave an Android phone to one of our hitchhiking developers while traveling in Sweden!
  • 25 June 2016 A new official hitchhiking spot has been opened in the Dutch town of Oldemarkt, in response to the insufficient public transport to Steenwijk. In addition a FB group was created to encourage ridesharing on this route.

(Read old news here...)

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Do you like to surf hitchwiki and gather information for a hitchhiking trip that you plan? Do you like to spread your knowledge with other hitchhikers? Just click edit when you see information that could be added to this wiki or improved and create your personal profile-page.

You can have a look at the Todo Article and General Help to see how you can help writing articles and building this free hitchhiking guide!

  • 4-7 July 2020 [1] Conference Panel - "Autostop/hitchhiking: socio-spatial understandings" at the Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future conference (London).
  • 7-8 December 2019 - HungaroHitch organizes a hitchhiking race in Hungary, starting from Budapest. Registration and more info on our webpage or Facebook.