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<map lat='49.61059870523054' lng='6.130886077880859' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/> Luxembourg is the capital city of the self-named country Luxembourg.

Hitching Out

East towards Trier, Germany

Avenue John F. Kennedy is a good spot for getting to Germany. Coming from the town center, just walk over the bridge. Right after the traffic lights, there is enough place for cars to stop.

North and West towards Belgium, Netherlands, etc

  1. Get the line 50 train from Luxembourg City station for around 2 euro. Get off at the Capellen stop and walk less than 1 km west to some of the biggest petrol stations in Europe! Walk towards the motorway which you can see from the train station and take the first road right alongside the fields. After 5 minutes you will come to the petrol station fence. There is a hole near the top to climb through (BE CAREFUL). Many truck drivers use this service station. I was waiting less than 10 minutes.
  1. Follow the Route d'Arlon to the entry onto the A6/E25. This is a walk of about 4km from the town center. You can partially use bus 7. From the sliproad you can get a ride straight to Brussels, but if that fails, the above mentioned Capellen stop ('aire de Capellen') is just about 10km down the road, and from there you can get rides to about anywhere in Belgium and the Netherlands.

East towards Germany, Poland, etc

Get the Trier/Wasserbillig (line 30) train from Luxembourg City station for around 2 Euro. Get off at the Wasserbillig stop. You have two options (a local and a national one). The local one is if you turn left, walk down the local road for two minutes, you should see around 7 petrol stations. Maybe somebody can bring you to the main Wasserbillig service station on the highway or wherever else.

The national options involves turning right outside the train station, walking up the road and turning left up the Route d’Echternach until you reach a crossing beside a big river. This option takes 30 minutes but is more effective than the local one. You will notice that there is an old pathway going up the hill. If you follow this route you should arrive at two old cabins. Turn left at the cabin closest to you and walk further up the hill until you reach another crossing under the massive motorway bridge. Go right at this and keep climbing the hill until you reach an improved road. Here, you turn right and keep following the access road until you reach the petrol station. This is located at the Luxembourg-German border. There should be plenty of international traffic.

South towards France, Spain, Italy, etc

Get the line 60 train from Luxembourg City station for around 2 Euro. Get off at the Berchem stop and walk less than 2 km to some of the biggest motorway petrol stations in Europe! Turn left when you leave the Berchem train station, walk down the road and then turn right at the first opportunity. You will arrive at a entrance point for two roads. Take the one furthest from the train station. Follow the residential road up the hill for 10 minutes and you will arrive at a bridge. Go over the bridge and then walk down and you should find an entrance way to the petrol stations. There are vehicles traveling all over Europe. I was waiting for around 10 minutes at the petrol station exit.