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Lublin is a city in the east of Poland.

Hitching Out

North-West in direction of Warsaw, Radom

There is a good spot on Aleja Warszawska. Take bus #18 or #20 and get off at the bus stop Skansen (#18 turns right before it stops). Hitch from the bus stop at the main road. Both busses run from the Ogród Saski (Saxon Garden) close to the city center. If you use a sign with Warszawa or Wa-wa you have a good chance of getting a direct lift.

North in direction of Lubartow

From the center take bus 24 to the final stop called "Elizówka-giełda". Where you get out is right next to a petrol station on the "highway" 19 heading north. You can try asking at the petrol station, or immeadiatly on the other side of the bridge there is a big place where cars can stop and you can hitch on the road, though they go pretty fast.

South-East in direction of Lviv (Ukraine), Zamość

No good advice here. It is quite difficult to get out of Lublin in this direction, because there is no real bypass and many streets merge on to the main one with two or three lanes on which cars go quite fast and there rarely is any place to stop. If you are passing through from Warsaw, definitely get out before Lublin.